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A Death Dream In Isolation by J. R. Park

Isolation Cover 1.jpg

This 16 page chapbook is limited to 50 copies. Each one is individually numbered and signed featuring an exclusive story that will not be reprinted anywhere else.

J. R. Park has this to say about the story, "With the viral pandemic that has currently gripped the world people have found differing ways to cope with the stresses and strangeness of the situation. A lot of people have chosen humour as an outlet; I found myself writing a short horror story based around the current environment of isolation that we find ourselves in. Like the people who are using humour, my intention is not to trivialise the situation."

"There’s just fifty of these chapbooks.  I have one of them.  Forty-nine left.  Trust me, you’ll be missing out on something truly special if you don’t grab one. " - DLS Reviews

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