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Aimee Bancroft & the Singularity Storm by Daniel Marc Chant


While attempting to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean, seasoned adventurer Aimee Bancroft is caught in a strange and otherworldly storm that opens a portal to another world.

An undersea world of warring races, ancient prophecies and wonder. Desperate to find a way back home Aimee becomes embroiled with a species’ desperate struggle for survival against an ancient menace and takes the fight to them.

“Wonderful writing that really does take you away to another world.” – Confessions of a Reviewer


“A whirlwind adventure from the depths of the seas to the far flung reaches of the universe that feels like Chant channeling the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs in a tremendously exciting slice of pulp science fiction. Excellent stuff” – George Anderson

Unavailable in paperback

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