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Breaking Point by Kit Power


Breaking Point: The Lifeline Trilogy & Genesis, the prequel to Godbomb!

A cyclist is knocked unconscious on his way home and wakes up in a nightmare…

A devoted husband begins to suspect all is not well with his marriage…

A desperate family man, running out of time and options, turns to an old schoolmate from the wrong side of the tracks – looking for work – any work…

A young man’s world is thrown into chaos as his father is abducted…

Four tales of people pushed to breaking point.

“One of the best novellas I’ve had the pleasure to read.” Duncan Ralston, author of ‘Salvage’ & ‘Woom’

“A sliver of sheer brutality and nastiness that is unbridled.” John Boden, author of ‘Dominoes’

“Power gets splatterpunk in a way that few do.” Bracken Macleod, author of ‘Stranded’ and ‘Mountain Home’

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