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Burning House by Daniel Marc Chant


They're trained to fight fires. Now they have to fight for their lives.


In a run-down part of Newstead Haven, an apartment building is burning. The fire is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. With one poor soul still trapped inside, a group of fire fighters suit up and head into the flames on a rescue mission. But they are not alone in the inferno. An ancient evil has awoken.


As the walls burn around them, the crew soon find themselves trapped and prey to a shape-shifting force with a taste for slaughter. With oxygen running low and the body count rising, the team's only hope for survival is to trust each other. But who can you trust when the enemy could be anyone?


A deft homage to classic slashers, with nods to the horror of H.P. Lovecraft, Burning House is a frenetic, brilliantly-paced rat-run and a true test of the listener's nerve. Take a deep breath and step inside.

“A very accomplished first novel from Chant. Entertaining and thrilling from the first page to the last.” – Thomas Joyce


“If like me you just love horror…if you can’t think of anything better than sitting down at the end of an evening and throwing on a cheesy 80s B-Movie with plenty of guts and grime…then you’re going to get a kick out of this novella.  Trust me; it’s got it all in there.” – DLS Reviews


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