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Darkness and Shadows by Paul Kane


Are you afraid of the dark? Lee Masterton certainly is. A young man on an ordinary housing estate, who reluctantly takes a job as a nightwatchman only to find himself in the middle of a supernatural struggle…

While at the same time reporter Stephen Regis is granted his life-long wish to interview his favourite author – the so-called “Shadow Writer” – and a girl named Kelly wakes up during a terrifying total blackout.

Then three fathers set out to rescue their children from a mysterious cult and a boxer called Dixon finds himself in the fight of his career… and his life!

Finally, as a very unusual lighthouse keeper begins his shift, another man called Brian Newcomb gets invited to a bizarre evening at the theatre…


From the imagination of award-winning and #1 bestselling author Paul Kane (Hooded Man, Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, Arcana), Sinister presents a welcome reissue of the now rare and out of print short novel Of Darkness and Light, coupled with the other side of the coin.


For the first time ever in print, all the popular “Order of the Shadows” tales are also gathered together here alongside brand new stories.


With an introduction by bestselling author M.R. Carey (The Girl with All the Gifts, Fellside, The Book of Koli) and cover photography by Michael Marshall Smith (Hannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence).


If you weren’t afraid of the darkness, the shadows, and what lurks within them before, you will be after reading this!

“This is the beginning and the end of things all rolled into one ball and clattering through the everyday world, leaving terror and ruin in their wake.” -  M.R. Carey, auhtor of Girl With All the Gifts

“Paul Kane is a first-rate storyteller, never failing to marry his insights into the world and its anguish with the pleasures of phrases eloquently turned.”  - Clive Barker author of Hellbound Heart and Weaveworld.


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