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Death Dreams At Christmas by J. R. Park


J. R. Park lends his particular brand of new-wave pulp horror to the festive season, with twelve twisted tales of yuletide terror. From ghosts to psycho-Santas to killer nativity scenes, the turkey’s not the only thing that’s getting served.

Featuring the stories: Once A Year, The Girl With The Reindeer Tattoo, Christmas Wrath, A Christmas Tradition, Black Aura, Fragmented, Behold All The Angels, A Touch Of Frost, Dear Constance, The Thirteenth Day and The Wassailer.

Also containing A Demon In Santa, written by the author when he was ten years old.

‘J. R. Park is a much needed shot in the arm for gritty pulp horror.’ – DLS Reviews

“Ho-Ho-Holy shit this one’s a fun read.” – DLS Reviews


“Reading this has become one of my favourite Christmas traditions.” – Tracy Fahey, author of New Music For Old Rituals

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