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Death Dreams In A Whorehouse by J. R. Park

Death Dream Frontcover.jpg

“I might as well get straight to the point here - this is a frigging superb short story! Think Eli Roth’s ‘Hostel’ (2005) meets Edward Lee’s ‘The Chosen’ (1993), crossed with a Clive Barker style search for the ultimate sensual thrill. Wrap that all up in a fast-paced, tightly-written and incredibly atmospheric short story – and you’ve got yourself one hell of an entertaining read,” wrote DLS reviews about Clandestine Delights, one of the stories featured in this volume.

Death Dreams in a Whorehouse collects nine blood-soaked tales of terror and intrigue from the mind of J. R. Park; a mind that Scream magazine described as ‘one of the darkest places in the universe’.

Containing the stories Treats, Mandrill, Connors, Clandestine Delights, Head Spin, The Svalbard Horror, Screams In The Night, The Festering Death and I Love You.

“Exceptionally imaginative. Executed to perfection. But that’s Park all over.” – DLS Reviews

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