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Death Dreams In The Dark by J. R. Park

DDiD Front Cover1.jpg

“There’s a whole underground ‘Candyman’ (1992) style vibe whispered throughout the story. Something that taunts you. Plays with your senses and sets your imagination loose to explore darkened passages you may not wish to travel down” writes DLS Reviews on the short story The Ugly, just one of nine tales from Death Dreams In The Dark: a collection of haunting stories that seep from the darkness of J. R. Park’s imagination.


The third in the Death Dream series, this volume explores the horrors that lurk after hours; the nightmares made real; the awful truth of the things that go bump (and hack, slash, cackle and sigh) in the night.


This collection includes the stories Nunight, Halloween Night, The Darkling, Late Night Caller, Mary, Do What Thou Wilt, The Ugly, Diamond In The Rough and The Last Horror Story.

“Like a great Lynch film, this is a story best experienced driving through without a roadmap. Setting your preconceptions too firmly would likely only serve to detract from the experience. It was a narrative that had me thinking for long after I got to the final lines and for much longer after.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror (for short story ‘The Last Horror Story’)

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