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Hell Ship by Benedict J. Jones


1944, The Malacca Straights; Blood slicks the deck of a Japanese ship as a terrible ritual is enacting to aid the failing Imperial Forces against the Allies. The ritual rends the very fabric of our world giving access to another realm beyond the ken of man.

Nine survivors from the torpedoed Empire Carew are left adrift in a lifeboat but after weeks in the water they find haven on an abandoned ship they find floating in a strange fog – The Shinjuku Maru.

Nine souls are heading straight for hell.

The Shinjuku Maru has been there before…

“A combination of clear, uncomplicated prose, authentic dialogue and well-paced plot makes this such an easy book to breeze through in a sitting or two. A solidly crafted and enjoyably pulpy yarn in which tension is king, and a strong addition to the Sinister Horror Company’s oeuvre.” – Laura Mauro, British Fantasy Award winner.


“It’s a novella that feeds you into a churning wheel of escalating horror, capitalising on the author’s strengths at creating a truly terrifying atmosphere each step of the way. ” – DLS Reviews

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