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Into Fear by Daniel Marc Chant

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From Daniel Marc Chant, author of Mr. Robespierre, comes 22 tales of despair and dread.  Zombies, Godless beasts, Eldritch horrors, serial killers and more lurk between its pages in wait to lure you into dreams, into nightmares, INTO FEAR!
Featuring a Foreword by Tim Dedopolus, author and co-owner of Ghostwoods Books. 


22 stories - Dreadmill, Gamarada Rock, Be Nimble, A Class of their Own, The Heartstone, Ball of Thread, Isophase Light, Le Ciel De Chocolat, Yo-Ho-Oh-No!, Daryl Duncan, Head Librarian, In the Bleak Midwinter, Continuity and Permanence, Good Morning Mr. Murray, Bait Box, Conductive Salts, Zabobon, Titanomachy, The Beast of Bowline Moor, Shunned Stew House Special, The Ring of Karnak and The Royal. 


Afterword by critically acclaimed author Thomas S Flowers.

“Every author reaches a point where they come of age. To me Daniel Marc Chant has reached that point with Into Fear. He has proved that he is an extremely versatile writer with the variation in stories in this collection.” – Confessions of a Reviewer


£12.00 UK only

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