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King Carrion by Rich Hawkins


In a town in southern England, people are going missing.

Mason, a homeless ex-con, arrives in the town to beg his wife for a second chance and atone for past mistakes. 


A vampire god once worshipped by ancient Britons has awoken from hibernation and plans to turn Great Britain into a vampire isle. But first, people of the town must be converted, and the gospel spread.  


Within a week, the town is quarantined by the military, and the nights belong to the undead.


There will be no escape for the survivors.

“King Carrion is without a doubt one of the best vampire stories I have read in recent years. Blockbuster action set pieces mixed with a melancholic personal story, and a hero that couldn't be more of an antihero if he tried makes for a novella that is worthy to stand proudly with the time honoured classic of the genre.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror


“A punchy tale featuring some excellent set pieces and a human protagonist with all sorts of problems both natural and unnatural. When the action comes, it’s frantic stuff; gripping and visceral, just the way we like it.” – Grim Reader Reviews

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