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Mad Dog by J. R. Park


“You don’t need my expert opinion of the esoteric to know there was something very, very wrong with him.” - Father Matthews

Mad Dog Mooney was a ghost story. A legend that spooked even the most hardened of criminals. But when he came to Darkdale prison he proved all too real.

The inmates are shell shocked by his arrival and rumours persist of his strange behaviour, whilst accusations of cannibalism from the media are not forgotten.
As tensions grow amongst the prison population, a jail break is planned to take place under the ethereal glow of a full moon.

Mad Dog is an oral history, a compilation of testimonies from witnesses to the atrocity that befell Darkdale prison.

“With ‘Mad Dog’ Park’s really tapped into something special. A raw and urgent horror that comes gnashing its teeth at you from all angles. This Park at the top of his game. At the absolute best we’ve seen him at. You need this book.” – DLS Reviews


“I felt like a magician watching a fellow illusionist perform a trick in such an engaging way that it shut off the part of my brain hungry to understand his methods.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror

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