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Maldicion by Daniel Marc Chant


Dexter LeGrasse thought he was lucky to be alive.

He was wrong.

The only survivor of a plane crash over the Atlantic, he finds himself washed up on an uninhabited island. Dazed, dehydrated and desperate to escape, he will have to use all his wits just to stay alive in a strange and unforgiving environment. But when he discovers an ancient ruin, he unwittingly unleashes an unstoppable evil and his nightmare truly begins.

Primal, merciless and fuelled by a burning hatred, the creature has a hunger that must be appeased. It hunts Dexter wherever he goes, driving him to the edge of his own sanity, and with time running out and no place left to hide it’s escape…

…or die.

A heart-pounding chase across lethal terrain, Maldición splices the rush of a survival thriller with the twisted creations of HP Lovecraft to create a man versus monster tale unlike any other.

“The author has spoken openly for his fondness of Lovecraft and Carpenter's 'The Thing' and the influences are clear to see in this story, from the appearance of the monster to the hints at elder cults and subterranean evil.” – Thomas Joyce


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