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Maniac Gods by Rich Hawkins


One rainy night in Penbrook, Albie Samways’ family disappeared along with the rest of the village’s population, spirited away by unknown forces. In those abandoned streets and houses he encountered hellish creatures, madness and death, ending in a confrontation with the sadistic Doctor Ridings and his cultists.
He barely made it out alive.

Five years later, he lives in a squalid bedsit, miserable and heartbroken, suffering from nightmares and visions of monstrous things. He mourns. He mourns for his daughter, Milly, most of all. Then one day she returns. However she is not the same girl he once knew, and tells him about terrible places, thin places, where gods and monsters reside in the darkness, waiting to enter our world.

But there is worse to come. Doctor Ridings and his followers are back, and they have plans for her. Horrific plans of black magic and sacrifice. With no other option, Albie and Milly are forced to go on the run, beginning an epic chase across the country.
He is all that stands between the monsters and his little girl.

“For decades we have been going on about Lovecraftian or Cosmic Horror , in an ideal world we should be referring to it as Hawkinsian Horror such is Hawkins talent for writing cosmic horror that matters.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror

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