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Marked by Stuart Park


Venus and her sister planet concludes their 3,000 year cycle. Stargazers amass to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event, but not Mark, his life is about to change.

Mark's chance encounter with the cold but intangibly-carnal Kiko sets him plummeting into free-fall. Kim, his emphatic but emotionally-charged wife moonlights with a shadowy organisation whose intentions are far from transparent. She needs to blame someone for the disappearance of their daughter twenty years ago. No solace is offered by her egocentric therapist who's engrossed in his own agenda.

Plagued by visions, Mark struggles to maintain his grip on reality and descends into a vividly-violent web of darkness. As Mark's world spirals beyond his control, it's quite possible this cycle will not end smoothly.

"This, for want of better words is an absolute head fuck of a book that will tie your brain up in Gordian knots trying to decipher what it is all about.“ – Ginger Nuts of Horror


"Think David Lynch meets 'Falling Down' (1993), with a strange Japanese underworld twist on the whole thing. Yeah - it's that much of a damn quirky read." – DLS Reviews


“If you enjoy a challenging read then this is the novella for you. It's a little like being inside a washing machine and it took me out of my reading comfort zone, but, after all, isn't that what we want dark fiction to do?“ – Grim Reader Reviews

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