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Mr Robespierre by Daniel Marc Chant


When Dominic and Sandy Wight leave their council home for the picturesque Lovels St Maur, they can’t wait to move in to Bridgewater Rise. Dilapidated but charming, the new house is everything they have worked for. There’s even a stray cat waiting outside to welcome them.

Adored by the couple’s daughter, Christina, he rapidly becomes a part of the family. But Mr Robespierre is anything but a welcome visitor, and with his arrival a darkness falls over Bridgewater Rise. Thunderstorms rage, objects move on their own and mysterious noises can be heard throughout the house. For behind Mr Robespierre’s eyes lays an unquenchable evil. A powerful and hungry malcontent that threatens to take everything that the Wight’s hold dear to them and will let nothing and no one stand in its way.

Soon the family will have to do everything they can to escape, but how can you fight nine lives… with three?

Combining the tension of Poltergeist with the domestic horror of M.R. James, Mr Robespierre is a chilling tale of demonic infiltration and one families fight against the supernatural that will make you think twice about opening your door to that quiet, mysterious stray that is standing on your doorstep…

“A homage to 80’s horror. An extremely well written, very creepy story that will not only scare you but will make you sit back afterwards and think “that was bloody good fun!” “ – Confessions of a Reviewer


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