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My Dead and Blackened Heart by Andrew Freudenberg

DeadPBv1x Front.jpg

14 stories of terror, dread and fatherhood.

From the isolation of space, to the ever-watchful eyes in a darkening wood, Andrew Freudenberg takes us on a journey exploring the themes of friendship, fatherhood and loss, as we pick through the remains of his dead and blackened heart.

Featuring the stories: Something Akin To Despair, A Bitter Parliament, Charlie’s Turn, Pater in Tenebris, Milkshake, Nose to the Window, The Cardiac Ordeal, Meat Sweets, Scorch, The Teppenyaki of Truth, Before The Meat Time, Hope Eternal, The Last Patrol & Beyond The Book.


A hardback edition featuring 3 additional stories and author notes for each story was also released.

“This is a solid collection of thoughtful and well written stories that will either grab your heart and squeeze or kick you where it hurts.” – George Anderson


“The diverse collection from Andrew Freudenberg, My Dead and Blackened Heart, spans almost every subgenre of horror, from quiet, moody pieces, through zombies and folk horror, right up to two of the most disgustingly nasty stories you ate likely to read this year.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror

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