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Postal by J. R. Park & Matt Shaw

Postak 5x8 Front cover.jpg

It was a bold move, an initiative by a truly inspirational leader.


The scheme was a simple one. Each month a letter would be sent to selected people; thirteen in total. Within that month the receiver of the letter was given the lawful right to kill one person. It didn’t matter who it was or how they did it. The receiver granted the right to commit murder with no legal consequences.


Each month people wondered whether this time they’d be randomly selected. Whether they’d be chosen to make their lives that little bit easier by killing the person who was making it unnecessarily harder.

“These two authors created the ultimate lottery in the form of violence beyond anything I have ever come across before.” – DS & JM Reviews


“Postal comes across almost like the bastard lovechild of Grand Guignol and a comedic farce; interspersed amongst the gleefully creative and graphic deaths is a healthy injection of jet black sardonic humour and sharp slices of social commentary.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror

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