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Splatterpunk Zine issue 9

Splatterpunk 9 Cover V2.jpg

Splatterpunk Zine is back!

In the tradition of zines from the 1980s/90s comes the brain child of author Jack Bantry. Splatterpunk Zine caused quite a stir in the horror world, and with the help of the Sinister Horror Company it's back!

It returns with issue 9, and is co-edited by Sinister's very own J. R. Park. The zine features new fiction from Patrick Lacey, Matt Shaw, CM Franklyn and Daniel Eaves. Art from Dan Henk, Robert Elrod and Jorge Wiles. Plus A Guide to the Apocalypse by Aaron Beat Up, Bantry's Top Ten Splatterpunk & Extreme Horror Novels and more...

Cover design by Mike Dickinson, illustration by Dan Henk.

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