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Tales From The Graveyard by Guy N. Smith


Unspeakable horrors lurk within the overgrown cemetery awaiting any who might venture within after darkness has fallen.

This is a collection of horror stories originally published in ‘Graveyard Rendezvous’, the Guy N. Smith fanzine, that ran from 1992 - 2012. They feature mayhem and murder, cannibals, zombies and spectral beings which lurk in deserted graveyards during the hours of darkness, and numerous other blood curdling stories.


This collection also features a brand new story ‘Sabat: The Robber’s Grave’.

Hardback available for a limited time. The hardback will be withdrawn from sale on Halloween 2020.

"The distinctive voice Smith has in his writing, in his settings and characters, brings the stories together wonderfully." - DLS Reviews

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