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The Black Manuscripts Volume Four


Some words are born in shadows. Some tales told only in whispers.


Under the paper-thin veneer of our sanity is a world where terrors lurk in the dark. A world that exists, hidden just beyond in plain sight, waiting to consume you should you dare stray from the street-lit paths that sedate our fears.


For centuries The Black Room has stored stories of these encounters, suppressing the knowledge of the rarely seen; protecting the civilised world from its own dark realities. This anthology contains twenty masterful tales of the macabre from the twisted minds of a new breed of horror author.


The Black Room holds many secrets. Dare you enter… one final time?


Featuring Ramsey Campbell, V. H. Leslie, Gary McMahon, Tracy Fahey, J. L. George, Margrét Helgadóttir, K. A. Laity, Mark West, Terry Grimwood, Daniel Marc Chant, J. R. Park, Duncan P. Bradshaw, James Everington, Marie O’Regan, John McNee, Benedict J. Jones, C. L. Raven, Simon Avery, Hannah Kate, Penny Jones, Mark Cassell, Erik Hofstatter, Stephen Bacon, Elizabeth Davis, Michael David Wilson & Jim Mcleod.

“Do yourself a favor and give some of your time for a deep and heavy book that will entertain and open your mind to narrative possibilities you may have never considered before.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror

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