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The Bad Game by Adam Millard


You don't play plays you.


Hemsby is thriving; a seaside town on the up. The holidaymakers are flooding in, and so is the money. For the majority of those who live there, the resort is idyllic.


But not for Jamie Garrett. Fifteen years old and bored to tears, Hemsby is the last place he wants to be. Aside from the occasional sea rescue, nothing exciting ever happens.

That's about to change as a mysterious new game arrives at the beachfront arcade. No one knows of its origin, or the rules of the game, but soon, it is the talk of the resort, attracting children far and wide with its complex game-play and surreal graphics.


When the children of the resort become the perpetrators of uncharacteristic and brutal violence, Jamie realizes that it is a side-effect of the game and sets out to pull the plug on the machine before it is too late.

Dare you play The Bad Game?

“Like easy to read horror? Fun Horror? Horror in the classic style of Richard Laymon? Horror that will make you cringe, squirm and squeak? Just buy this and thank me later.” – Confessions of a Reviewer


“This one’s just so much fun.  From start to finish it packs in the cheesy 80’s style pulp horror; soaking the floor in blood and black shit as the violence erupts around you.” – DLS Reviews

Title no longer in print

By the author from other publishers

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