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The Chocolateman by Jonathan Butcher


The Chocolateman: a short story by Jonathan Butcher

“There was a rhyme that some of them said the Chocolateman had whispered to them through the pipes: I’m the one who eats your food, after you’ve digested it …”
“Please stop.”
“My aim is never to be rude – just to eat your rich chocolate …”
“Please, I don’t like it.”
“I’m the Chocolateman, you know, I take my time but I’m never slow…”
“I beg you. No more.”
“Kreb’s the name, called one, two, three. Take a dump and there I’ll be.”

The Sinister Horror Company invites you to wade through the filth of this short story as Jonathan Butcher introduces us to the foulest, most perverse horror villain of the modern age.

“A visceral, gut punching short story that will leave you sick to the stomach but craving more.” – George Anderson


“Above all else, the (literally) filthy scenes and the gruesome descriptions, this is a very effective and very creepy short story.” – Thomas Joyce

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