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The Authors

J. R. Park

Terror Byte, Punch, Upon Waking, The Exchange, Postal, Mad Dog, Death Dreams In A Whorehouse, Death Dreams At Christmas

J R Park  is a co-founder of the Sinister Horror Company.

His inspiration is drawn from the crazy worlds of exploitation cinema and pulp literature, but with a twist. His writing often plays with form and narrative as he slowly wears down the boundaries of what pulp horror can be.

Don’t trust that smile…

Tracy Fahey

The Unheimlich Manoeuvre

Tracy is an avid reader, and an academic expert on the gothic. These interests seep into her own work of well crafted and deeply unsettling tales. Her writing is the kind of horror that will get under you skin and stay with you for days afterwards.

Duncan P. Bradshaw

Cannibal Nuns from Outer Space!

Duncan P. Bradshaw was an original founding member of the Sinister Horror Company, way back when. Leaving to set up his own EyeCue publishing label, Dunk continues to release books in the Sinister stable. A mixture of off-beat comedy and gore-drenched horror, his writing style and literary output is absolutely unique. 

Andrew Freudenberg

My Dead & Blackened Heart

Andrew Freudenberg is a man of many talents. Having spent the nineties running a dance music record label, he now uses his off-kilter imagination to create strange and incredibly crafted horror stories.

'The Freud' as he is known, is never short of a strange tale, whether it be fiction or a recollection from his crazy life.

Vincent Hunt

Devil Kickers

Vince and Daniel Marc Chant have been friends longer than either can remember. A talented visual artist, Vince created the Sinister logo and works on many of the wonderful covers that span our catalogue. As well as created his own comics, he is also a dab hand behind the keyboard as demonstrated by his joint offering with Dan in the comedy horror of Devil Kickers.

Daniel Marc Chant

Burning House, Maldicion, Mr Robespierre, Aimee Bancroft & The Singularity Storm, Into Fear, Devil Kickers

Daniel Marc Chant is an author of Horror and strange fiction, and a founder of The Sinister Horror Company. His passion for H. P. Lovecraft genre and the films of John Carpenter inspired him to produce intense, gripping stories with a sinister edge.

He also created “The Black Room Manuscripts” a charity anthology featuring twenty stories from twenty experienced authors and talented newcomers.

Visit his official Website  or follow him on Twitter. He doesn’t bite. Much.

Adam Millard

The Bad Game

Adam Millard is a well known and prolific voice in both horror and bizarro fiction. Running his own publishing company, ‘Crowded Quarantine’, he also writes releases books with different presses, and the Sinister Horror Company was lucky enough to bag his talents for the superb The Bad Game.

Adam also features in The Black Room Manuscripts Volume One, with his Christmas themed tale Room At The Inn.

Kit Power

Godbomb!, Breaking Point

Kit Power has a unique voice in horror; one of both intelligence and power. Already a respected columnist with the Ginger Nuts Of Horror, Kit set the book world alight when we released his debut novel Godbomb!

Collecting the superb and brutal stories he wrote previously, we released them under the title Breaking Point, which also features a prequel to Godbomb!

Kit also features in The Black Room Manuscripts Volume One with his grindhouse, western tale When The Pin Hits The Shell.

Kayleigh Marie Edwards


Kayleigh Marie Edwards is a self confessed zombie nut, and couldn’t resist but twist and bend all the undead related stereotypes in Bitey Bachman.

Kayleigh writes for Ginger Nuts Of Horror with the excellent feature Challenge Kayleigh where she will watch any horror film suggested and find merit in its quality. The results are often hilarious, sometimes intriguing, but always entertaining.

She also features in The Black Room Manuscripts Volume One with her superb story Skin.

Stuart Park


Brother of J. R. Park, people did not know what to make of Stuart’s debut, except for the fact that they loved it! Marked is a surreal nightmare with inspiration drawn from David Lynch and Chuck Palahnuik.

When not creating his own brand of horror, Stuart has become one of the Sinister Horror Company’s most trusted editors.

He also features in The Black Room Manuscripts Volume Two, with his unnerving but heartbreaking short story, Oranges Are Orange.

Rich Hawkins

King Carrion, Maniac Gods

Rich Hawkins is a master of making bleak beautiful. With elegant prose he has made post apocalyptic worlds his specialty. Probably most well known for his BFS nominated story The Last Plague, Rich dives into the world of vampires for the Sinister Horror Company with his excellent novella King Carrion.

Rich also features in The Black Room Manuscripts Volume Two with his short story The Father.

Lydian Faust

Forest Underground

Lydian Faust is a writer, painter, costume maker and music lover. Her horror and dark fiction is laced with caustic wit and gift for the unpredictable. Her dream-like horror tale, Forest Underground for the Sinister Horror Company marks her full length debut.

Jonathan Butcher

The Chocolateman, What Good Girls Do

Jonathan Butcher is a man of many talents: singer, script writer, actor and author.

A literary talent that likes to push boundaries, his challenging novella What Good Girls Do is probably the most extreme book we’ve released.

As well as penning horror drawn from real-life, Jonathan is just as capable with tales of a more fantastical edge. With his short story The Chocolateman he created a sleaze-encrusted anti-hero to take on the likes of Freddy Kruger and Candyman.

Paul Kane


Paul Kane was called an expert story teller by Clive Barker, and that's praise well deserved. Paul's output is varied in theme but always imaginative. A  modern master of horror, his collection Death showcases his talent with dark comedies, surrealist nightmares, and just plain scary horror.

Matt Shaw


Matt Shaw is trail blazer in the horror scene, and king of extreme horror. We were lucky enough to feature his story eleven in The Black Room Manuscripts Volume Two, and co-release the bloody but thought provoking book Postal, which he authored alongside our very own J. R. Park

Benedict J. Jones

Hell Ship

Benedict J. Jones has a love for military history, cowboys and pulp horror. Jones has a written a number of hardboiled horror-themed noir thrillers featuring his character 'Charlie Bars' as well as Western horrors and exploitation-styled gritty pulp horrors.

Jones' Hell Ship shows of his writing prowess and historic accuracy, as he takes us on a tour of hell via World War 2.

Chris Kelso

I Dream Of Mirrors

Chris Kelso is a writer with a unique style. Topping the Ginger Nuts Of Horror best book of the year two years in a row, he has been likened by horror master Graham Masterton as similar to William Burroughs. You can't get better credentials than that!

James Evertington

Trying To Be So Quiet & Other Hauntings

James Everington is an avid fan of horror literature and has curated a number of award winning anthologies. This passion is shown in his expertly crafted prose. Trying To Be So Quiet & Other Hauntings is both melancholic and gentle in one story and blisteringly violent in another, but all three in his collection will not be what you expect. This is writing to get under your skin.

Guy N. Smith

Werewolf Omnibus, The Charnel Caves, Sabat 6: The Return

Guy N. Smith is a horror veteran and has been releasing his tales of blood, guts and outright carnage since the 1970s. His most famous work was Night Of The Crabs, although Guy has released almost a hundred books over his lengthy career and continues to write to this day. Still an enormously popular and prolific author, the Sinister Horror Company releases a mixture of both old and new works from the pulp-horror legend.

Lex H Jones

The Old One and the Sea

Lex has a varied output of fiction, from children's book to adult crime fiction, although his love of horror never sees him stray too far from the things that go bump in the night.

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