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The Offering (2nd ed) by J. R. Park & Daniel Marc Chant


The Offering: An Introduction To The Sinister Horror Company.


Nine tales of terror have been placed on the sacrificial alter for your pleasure.


From devilish genies to decomposing whores to space stations under siege, be prepared to take a walk through the dark imaginations of Daniel Marc Chant and J. R. Park.


The Offering features the following short stories


Soft Centred, Fear Is Seldom Silent, The Incident, Easter Hunt & Contacts by J. R. Park.


The Last Of Vincent Hunt, The Beast Of Bowline Moor, Ultra & Which Of The Favours Will You Deny? by Daniel Marc Chant.

This title was originally given away to subscribers to the mailing list as an ebook and sold only directly through the Sinister Horror Company website or at their trading stands.


The Offering also featured an introduction by George Anderson.

Title now out of print

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