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The Old One and the Sea by Lex H. Jones


Howard is a lonely, isolated boy who lives in the run-down seaside town of Innsmouth. Most of the town’s men left to fight the Great War and didn’t come back, and those that did, like Howard’s neighbour Mr Derleth, brought their own scars and strange stories with them. None quite so strange as what is about to happen to Howard, however.


An undersea earthquake brings a strange black reef to the surface just off the coast of Innsmouth, and with it something else.  Something old, and forgotten, and every bit as lonely as the young boy who discovers it. What follows is a unique and secret friendship that will change the life of both Howard and his bizarre new friend forever.

“When I read this book, I realised it had the potential to be that one special book that you read as a child and carry into adulthood with you.” – Rebbie Reviews


“The Old One & the Sea is a wonderful, heart-warming tale about friendship, and not judging someone based on appearance. This is a perfect introduction to the horror genre for children, and even a wonderful quick read for adults! The Old One & the Sea deserves to go down as a classic.” – Kendall Reviews

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