Unheimlich Manoeuvres In The Dark by Tracy Fahey

Tracy Fahey’s stunning debut collection, The Unheimlich Manoeuvre, is a book that refuses to stay quiet. Originally released as a limited edition by Boo Books in 2016, it was nominated for Best Collection in the 2017 British Fantasy Society Awards. In 2018 a second edition was published by the Sinister Horror Company.


In 2020 a further, expanded version, The Unheimlich Manoeuvre Deluxe Edition, was released with additional content in terms of fiction, non-fiction and images.


Unheimlich Manoeuvres In The Dark, collects together all of this additional material: the essay ‘Creative Evocations of Uncanny Domestic Spaces,’ five new stories, three of which are published for the first time (‘Haunted By The Ghost,’ ‘That Thing I Did,’ ‘The Wrong House,’ ‘Possession,’ ‘I Wait For You’), an original print and piece, ‘Remembering Wildgoose Lodge,’ and complete story notes for all tales featured in the Deluxe Edition.

RELEASE DATE: 13th March 2020


£6.00 UK only

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